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About us

Our History

In 1980 three roomates in a NY apartment put together their collective efforts, assets, and energy to start a 3 cargo van operation.


Around this time the airline industry was deregulated and among many other factors, indigenuous, within New York at this time the freight business proved to be extremely challenging; albeit for carriers and forwarders alike. 


Despite the inherent challenges the company continued to grow at an extremely rapid pace and grew to become one the largest and most capable cartage agents serving the tri-state area to this very day.


The company was sold to long time employee Joan Ton in 2017 who serves as the company's CEO in the day to day oversight.


Today's business climate has it's own unique set of challenges between unfavorable legislation, increased regulation, hightened security concerns, unstable markets, and global financial uncertainty. Our organization levereges our vast resources, knowledge, and abilities to rapidly adapt to these ever changing issues.




Company Profile

JFK Airport sits in Queens, NY which is one of the 5 Boroughs of the lower New York area. 


Our 50,000sq ft. facility is 2 miles east of the JFK International airport and several minutes away from the I-678 Van Wyck Express way.


The JFK terminal has a strong and experienced team of 3 Dispatchers, 3 customer service specialists, 1 operations manager, 1 office manager, and a terminal manager/ownership parter who over-sees our fleet of 30 units and drivers.


90% of our client base are international freight forwarders and the remainder of the accounts are comprised of 3PL and LTL.


60% of our service is based on commercial stops while the other 40% remains of residential home deliveries. 


Our fleet of contemporary trucks is a combination of 2011 and newer long-term lease power units and a team of proffesional ICs held to a high compliance standard.


As of 2017, the company was sold to long term office Manager Joan Ton who serves as the company's CEO. Feel free to contact Joan with any comments at

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